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Friday, March 15, 2013

Barr Hammock Preserve

Location: Williston, FL (High 66, Low 37)

barr10Today was supposed to be a beautiful day, sunny with a high in the low 70s. So we decided it was a great day to take a trip to the Barr Hammock Preserve.




Most of the pictures in this post I borrowed from Harry. He took so many great pictures that I might have to use some more in my next blog post. Smile



The Barr Hammock Preserve is a pretty quick 18 mile drive from the campground. The road to the Preserve, (Wacahoota Rd.) about 8 miles or so, is pretty narrow though. We could see along the side of the road where many vehicles had to drive on the grass shoulder when they encountered another vehicle.



We did the whole 6.5 mile loop and it was a great hike. We kept our eyes peeled for alligators hanging out in the murky water, but there were none to be found today. We did see a lot of birds and a couple turtles.



We were very happy to stay put on the Levee given the warning we saw on the signposts along the way.




I should probably include at least one or two of my pictures so you can see that Harry really was there with me!




The views along the way were so beautiful.





We took our time since we were taking advantage of the many photo ops along the way. barr11 



The entire hike took us about three and a half hours.


We had a great time hiking along the Levy Loop.


  1. What a beautiful hike. Is that a sandhill crane in flight? Great pictures.

  2. Looks like a great hike. Reminds me of The Yearling Trail in Ocala NF.
    When you head to SD it may be that we would be on your way. We will be camp hosting at Meramec SP in Sullivan MO, BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Stop in if it fits, it would be great to share a campfire.

  3. Terrific pictures, and great header picture! I've heard a lot about the Hammock areas in FL. Can't wait to see them next winter :)

  4. What a cool day!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your hike!