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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Location: Williston, FL (High 84, Low 54)

I lunchgreatoutdoorscan’t believe it’s been five days since I last posted a blog entry; we’ve been busy having a good time, chatting and socializing. Smile

It was a couple months ago that I noticed that the Florida chapter of the Heartland Owners Group was planning a rally right at the campground we were staying at for the month of March. IMG_4656

For the past couple weeks we have been getting to know other Heartland owners that arrived early for the rally. We met Larry and Sam, fellow Landmark owners and brand-new fulltimers when they arrived here early in March.



Last week we went to try out a restaurant in the area that had been recommended to us.

Here is Harry about to try gator tail bites for the first time!


Something else that IMG_4488happened this past week was the completion of a repair job. I don’t think I ever posted about the little issue we had with our slide topper. When we arrived here and put our living room slide out, we heard a weird, not-so-pleasant noise and checked out our slide to see a not-so-pleasant sight. 

IMG_4508Luckily there is a repair guy here that seems to spend a lot of his time in this campground. We called him and he came by to take a look at the awning.

Turned out that the awning had a bend in the center, probably right from when it was installed. The tension on the awning eventually caused the spring to snap, which probably was the not-so-pleasant noise we heard. The parts were ordered and we were glad that we had already planned to be here for the month.




Our new awning arrived this past Wednesday…





…and Friday they installed it.

Yay! We are happy to once again have all our parts in order.



We also had a nice coffee get together on Friday morning. Randy and Karen are interested in a possible fulltiming lifestyle, so we got together with them and Larry and Sam to chat about our respective journeys.


We’ve also been to the usual “too much good food” potluck and a yummy catered bbq dinner. It’s really been an awesome week.

Now we are sadly waving good-bye as people head out in all directions. We are here for one more week, but the place is sure going to seem empty now after such a great time with so many great new friends. 


  1. Very cool that you had Landmark neighbors. Glad you got your awning fixed properly too. It is amazing how fast time is passing!

  2. Gater? Hey, now you're talking. Good stuff, isn't it.

    Ouch on the awning issue but glad it's fixed. Always something it seems. But living this life is still worth it.

  3. We have also had an awning problem. Waiting until we get to a larger town to have it fixed. So glad you two are having a wonderful time.

  4. Awning problems are never nice.... But hey its behind you now... And its cool that you two are the experienced full timers now guiding others to the path.. And while others rush off to their respective hustle and bustle, you get to lay back and take it in style.....

  5. Harry always has such a big smile on his face. The campgound you are in looks so great the pic with the awning on the ground the sites in the back look so big.I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time cant wait to join you.happy trails Darlene and Jim

  6. Sam and I are so fortunate and happy to have met you and Harry. What a great couple you guys make.
    We look forward to seeing you soon---maybe Dec. in Texas???

    1. We agree - we had such a great time! Dec. in Texas sounds like a great idea! :)