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Monday, March 4, 2013

Odds and Ends

Location: Williston, FL (High 52, Low 30)

It was a cool weekend, and we spent most of it hanging IMG_4493out inside. We did go for a couple walks – bundled up! Our highs over the weekend were in the 50s, but even more than that, there was a cold wind. I have definitely gotten used to the warmer weather. Brrr!


We are already glad that we have made this our last Florida stop of the winter.The atmosphere at this campground is very friendly, and there are a lot of IMG_4500activities every day. This morning I actually tried out some line dancing at the clubhouse. I have always wanted to try line dancing, but just never had the opportunity. From the schedule it appears that they have line dancing three times a week, so that’s going to be something fun to do this month.

This seems like a pretty small town, although we haven’t explored much further than the main street. But what we have seen is very convenient. Practically everywhere we might need to go is within walking IMG_4487distance – drug store, grocery, post office.  We also found a pizza place nearby today, and got a pizza for lunch.

Harry has been putting together all the paperwork to title our truck and fifth wheel in South Dakota. He called Alternative Resources today and went over all the paperwork with the person at the office who does the title work. We found a place in town that has a notary and will go there tomorrow and then will mail the packet out. We are looking forward to getting our new South Dakota plates! Smile


  1. Why did you chose South Dakota over Florida or Texas? It seems a lot of full timers do, but some make one of the other two their home base. Could you do a post on it?

  2. Sounds like it will be a great place to be for awhile. I used to line dance years (and years!) ago. It is fun, and great exercise!

  3. But you have to go there to renew your drivers licenses...... That is a problem for a lot of folks...

  4. I always thought line dancing would be fun. We did square dancing for several years but we were younger then!!