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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Arrived In Williston

Location: Williston, FL (High 62, Low 45)

We didn’t have to get going early yesterday, since we only had about a three hour trip ahead of us. After IMG_4469breakfast of a danish and coffee, we started packing up and got ready to pull out. We were so happy that we made the decision a couple weeks ago to move our rig one site over to make our departure easier.

We pulled out a little after 11, right on schedule. It was a beautiful day for a drive.


Other than having to get our GPS to figure out the route we wanted to take, it was an uneventful trip. We headed west on I-10 and then south on I-75. The town where the rv park is located is about 16 miles away from the interstate, so very different from our last location. And no planes flying overhead! Although the planes didn’t bother us too much, we’re not going to miss them either.


Our site is very nice, although it was a tight squeeze to maneuver our way into. We were happy to have two members of the campground staff to help us get into the site. The only downside is that tree to the right of the picture is blocking our satellite access. They do have cable here, but its not as nice as our HD directv. Oh well, we will have to “rough it” for the month. In love



Our site is located right across from the fire pit, and last night it was going strong after they started a fire at 6:30 pm.





This is the first time we have been in a rv resort that actually has a real calendar of scheduled activities. Every day there is something going on.




After looking at the calendar, we saw that there was a breakfast scheduled for this morning – scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, and toast for $4. A delicious breakfast. Smile


We will probably check out the town a little this weekend, but it’s going to be a bit cool. So it’s going to be pretty much a “hang out and relax” couple of days.


  1. Well it's time for you guys to get a 100' of cable and a Tailgater auto dish at Camping World (on sale for 295.00)for just times like this. I know we like to watch our own home town news even if your 1500 miles away.But you still can watch your DVR after it looks for a signal exit out and hit list. Good luck

    1. We will be getting a portable dish this summer. The tailgater is not an option as its made for Dish TV and we have Directv. The automatic dishes for Directv are only standard def so we are getting a manual aim high def dish.

  2. We have DirecTV. Got one of those dome things at Camping World. Only a few times have we been in a site when by moving it around we could not catch a signal. Those sites had LOTS of trees.

    1. We have 3 trees on the southern side that screen signal. We get all 3 sats but can't download any programming. Third time now so its time for a portable unit for those times. Seeing we just retired and haven't started receiving monthly checks yet we want to wait until later to buy something. I believe the dome is only standard def and you need to get a manual dish to get the high def. Going to be a learning process to aim it.

  3. Sounds like a nice park with activities. So far we have been lucky with satellite, but George was thinking about a manual aim dish sometime.