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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Great Grocery App to Put Cash In Your Pocket

Location: Avon Park, FL


After the past three days of massive winds, it was super pleasant yesterday morning to go outside to a nice cool morning in the high 50s with just a little breeze blowing. I took advantage of it to get back out there and enjoy a 5 mile run to start off my day.


After a shower and breakfast, we were off to pick up our groceries for the week. If you also buy groceries once in a while (wink wink), you may be interested in one of the apps I use. It’s called Ibotta (“I bought a…”) After you download the app and sign up, you can use it to choose rebates to get cash back from your purchases. You can choose your store, whether it’s Publix or Kroger or Giant Eagle or Walmart or whatever…and then you can browse through the available rebates for various foods, beverages, personal items etc. I only purchase items that I was going to buy anyway, so there really isn’t any downside to it. For example, today I needed paper towels. Perusing the Household section, I found that a rebate for Bounty paper towels was available this week, and I could get $2 back. You click the little plus sign to “unlock” that cash back offer, and then after you buy the paper towels, you go back to the app, verify the sale by scanning the bar code on the product, and then scan the little code on the bottom of the receipt or take a picture of the receipt. (If you have multiple rebates that you bought at the same store on the same receipt, you do them all at the same time and upload the receipt only once.) It sounds like a bigger deal than it is, and so far (since May) I’ve earned $83.75 back. Not too shabby from stuff I was going to buy anyway. Once you get up to $20, they have a variety of ways you can get your cash. I just get Amazon gift cards, which they send as a gift card code via email in 5 minutes and I just type the code in the “add money to my gift card” section on my Amazon account and voila, it’s available for use! Very convenient! If you decide to give it a try, if you use my referral code – dpknbsm – you’ll have a $10 bonus added to your balance after you redeem your first rebate, and I’ll get $5.

After grocery shopping and getting everything put away, the rest of the afternoon was pretty laid back. We had lunch and watched some tv. It was a nice 20170124_171120cool day so we didn’t have to have the fantastic fan running or anything, which was a pleasant change.





For dinner, Harry grilled a yummy pork steak, which was really delicious. As he was cooking our dinner, we watched a beautiful sunset off in the distance.



Duke Energy came yesterday and unlocked the electric box two over from us, so our days with this exact view are probably limited.


  1. Wow, have to check that one out. I use the Walmart savings catcher which has given up $55 since I started using it. Easy peasy, just scan your Walmart receipt and it compares prices to surrounding stores and gives back the difference. I used to use the one called Checkout 51 before, but it only really works for name brand items, and I find that generic saves more.
    Love the weather you're getting there in Florida now. Shorts!

    1. I use the Savings catcher too. Even better when you get money from both!

  2. Thanks for the info. I just added the app and used your referral code!

  3. Thanks for the app and the tutorial....hope I can figure it out. I will download it tonight and use your code.
    We've had some really nice, sunny weather the past couple days. Isn't sunshine the greatest!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip! Downloaded it and will use it tomorrow!