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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

End of Another Month and Dinner Out

Location: Avon Park, FL

20170130_162538It has been one fast month! We’ve had a lot of fun just hanging out and relaxing after the busy months at Amazon. Plus we made one trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and another trip last week to Epcot. We also traveled to an rv’ers picnic the second week of January, where we met up with a group of about 25 other rv’ers for a picnic potluck.


We brought the month to an end with an enjoyable day visiting with friends yesterday. Dee and Jim (Tumbleweed), who were our next door neighbors for our past two winters here but bought a place about an hour away last year, came back over for the afternoon and evening.


We got together a bunch of people from our card group and went out to dinner at a local favorite, the Jacaranda Hotel restaurant.








Thanks to Jim for this great picture of the whole group…


20170130_162432Jacaranda Hotel has an all you can eat buffet that is always delicious. Like someone last night said, if you leave there hungry, it’s your own fault!

We had a great time chatting with everyone in a different way than you can while you’re playing cards.


20170130_182036After dinner, we headed back to the club house and played a marathon game of cards that went from 6 until almost 10.

Note to self: when you play with 14 people rather than in groups of 6 to 8 you may want to take stretch breaks occasionally!! By the end of the game I couldn’t wait to get off that chair and walk around! However, it was a great evening spent with friends.

(Oh, and on a side note…I did not get my run in on Sunday. Harry and I just went for a nice walk Sunday afternoon instead. Yesterday I did my normal 5 which put me up to 94 for the month. So you know how many I have to do today don’t you?!?)

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