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Monday, January 23, 2017

Storm and Wind

Location: Avon Park, FL



Yesterday was a hunker down inside kind of day. Even though most of the day was dry, the wind was so crazy it wouldn’t have been fun to try to run or even walk for exercise.


Basically everyone around us got ready for the storm by packing up the awnings and putting things away. The neighbors on the other side of us were away and their awning was out. On the positive side, it did have several straps on it but it was still being tossed quite a bit by the wind. We do leave our awning out a lot more here in Florida than we do any other place, but one thing we would not do is to go away for an overnight trip and leave our awning out. We looked this morning and they were so lucky as it survived all the wind and rain.


We spent the day hanging out in our chairs watching dvr’d shows since we also put our satellite down. And in the evening we added an eye on the weather. We never got anything like the weather we heard about in other areas, but it was still stressful since you never know what the storm line will bring until it’s passed.


Speaking of weather watching…Harry’s favorite apps for this purpose are RadarNow! and Storm Shield. I basically use Weather Bug. We also usually download a local weather station app when we are in one area for any length of time. Going through stormy days in an RV is still by far my least favorite part of fulltime life, but we do our due diligence by having a weather radio, stay up to date using technology and always have a plan for where we would go if we had a tornado warning.

(And just on a side note: three posts in a row!! I’m on my way to getting back in the habit!)


  1. We got very familiar with the local meteorologist while we were in OK. Tornado watches and warnings are nothing to take lightly. It can be a scary thing, especially when we live like we do!

  2. Glad you all escaped any damage from the storms. Someone in our campground lost a roof when tornados went through the area. It's been really bad for a few days here.
    Thanks for the weather apps. Ive been using Accu Weather but another wouldn't hurt.
    You guys take care and hopefully sunny days ahead!!

  3. Yup, being in an RV in stormy weather can be quite the nail-biting ordeal. You seem always to be well prepared.