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Sunday, January 29, 2017

It’s Been a Week!

Location: Avon Park, FL

I’ve managed it! A whole week of blog posts! It’s not going to take long to pass the number of posts I did all last year, since there were only 27 for all of 2016. I’ve 16143408_10212476346610462_9157262146190136555_oenjoyed getting back to it. It almost feels new again to think about taking pictures for the blog and coming up with a topic to write about. Maybe I just needed (most of) a year off.

I’ve gotten a couple rewards from Ibotta from people using the referral code. Thanks so much if you have downloaded the app and used my referral code. If anyone missed my blog post about this awesome grocery app and would like to check it out, here is the link.

16107444_10212476346090449_4696281326514959384_oWe are almost to the end of the month and it’s been a great one for exercising. I just looked back at my Fitbit information and I am up to 89 miles run so far this month. Harry and I had originally planned to do a half marathon in March, but after the slow year at Amazon, we decided that a weekend in Sarasota was an expense we could do without this year, so we decided to defer our half marathon to next year’s. So instead of increasing mileage gradually as I IMAG3649-01would do if we were actually training, I am just running 5 miles a day to maintain a good running base. If I can get three more runs in this month I will pass the 100 mile mark. It’s raining at the moment which is supposed to continue for a good part of the day, so not sure whether I will get today’s run in or not. I have and could run in the rain, but probably won’t. haha We’ll see.


<---Last run in the rain – October 2015 in Campbellsville KY!!


  1. Not running in the rain sounds right to me. Of course, with these lazy bones any excuse is a valid excuse. You are amazing.

  2. I'm with Phyllis....I don't run or walk too often in the rain. I do admire your discipline though!!
    I don't blog every day but you are right....it takes a while to get back into taking pictures etc for the blog. I think time off is helpful. After 7 years a lot of names have changed.

  3. I am so jealous of your love of running - I HATE it! I might like it better if my knees didn't hate it! Oh well!

  4. yes you have been blogging it out..

    the comment about a slow year at amazon got me to thinking..

    speaking of amazon I dont remember seeing, if you did one, a recap of the amazon experience, "dollars and cents", for 2016, year vs 2015.

    I remember reading, and printing that one out to show wife, and was very excited at the income potential for working there.

    We are still some 3 yrs from fulltime but trying to get the ball rolling on this edventure into the unknown, which is not so unknow with guys like you posting info..

    thanks a million

    1. No I didn't this year! Thanks for the reminder. I can always use an idea for a blog post. :) We just did our taxes the other day so I can pull that together pretty easily.

  5. There's a guy here in this park that runs everyday, rain or shine. Way too devoted, I say :) Good for you keeping it up, you need to come here and be my personal trainer :)