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Friday, January 27, 2017

Super Fun Day

Location: Avon Park, FL

16195403_10154991523759766_3707810047643343235_nA couple weeks ago we use our Disney passes for a trip to the Magic Kingdom. Yesterday we were headed to Epcot!

I’m not sure how long they’ve had them, but now instead of using a card, like a credit card type thing, for admission, now they have something called a MagicBand. It’s a real cool band, very comfortable, like a Fitbit, that has a face that is scannable. So when you walk up to the Admissions gate, you put your band up to a scanner, it reads it, and then you scan your fingerprint and it confirms that it’s you. So nice, and very convenient. You get one automatically with an annual pass, but we had to buy one for Harry to link to his card that he had from ten years ago.

16265794_10212584690158983_4228410070958742448_nWe had gone online ahead of time, and signed up for FastPass for a few of the rides…Mission: Space, Soarin’, and Spaceship Earth. For each one, we had an hour where we could scan our MagicBand on a scanner and head up the FastPass lane which basically bypassed the majority of the line. I enjoyed all the rides, but without a doubt my favorite was Soarin’. We 16195024_10212584692399039_7046620331324345198_nactually got to do it twice because when we headed that way, we had a half hour before our FastPass time and the wait was just about a half hour at that point, so we figured we might as well wait in the line. Wow. What an awesome experience. If you haven’t been on it, it’s almost like a virtual reality experience or maybe combined with an Imax movie. You feel like you’re on 16143173_10212584689198959_2573507223191994349_na hang glider flying over the earth. And I don’t know how they do it, but you can even smell it. Like when you are flying over Africa, and you see the elephants running on the savannah, you can smell the grasses. Really cool!

Mission: Space was a simulation of space flight, and Spaceship Earth was a slow moving ride that showed the history of communication from the cave writing on the wall days. We enjoyed them all. There are many more rides, especially the cultural experiences in the different country areas. But we didn’t want to just run from one thing to another, so we saved those for another visit.

The other major part of Epcot is the World Showcase. Different country themed areas are centered around a lake, and as you walk around through the different areas, everything changes – architecture, music….and FOOD!



We started out the day at a bakery in Norway.




We decided to try something different, so we chose something called school bread.





Oh my! So yummy!! It turned out to be a really moist doughnut type pastry, and with the coconut on top and the cream, I thought it tasted like a coconut cream pie doughnut. Haha, the title “school bread” just does not do it justice.


16265311_10212584690478991_5844260920814618424_nFor lunch, Harry wanted to eat in Germany…he enjoyed some bratwurst…





…and a German beer.



After Harry enjoyed his lunch, we hoofed it over to the United Kingdom for my choice…fish and chips! Yum!!




And later in the afternoon, I tried one of the margaritas in Mexico. Cheers!





Really fun day. I enjoyed Epcot more than I did the Magic Kingdom and we’re definitely planning another trip later this season.

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  1. We have been to and LOVE Epcot! It's been awhile - we may have to try and squeeze in a visit!