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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No Storm, Just Wind

Location: Avon Park, FL

When we got up yesterday morning, we were happy to see that the storms were gone. The wind was still whipping enough that we left our satellite down, just to be on the safe side.

That made three days in a row that I didn’t get my exercise in. My ears do not take wind well, as I can get pretty good earaches. So I’ve been waiting for the weather to break and I am hoping that finally today will be nicer, and calmer! From what I can see out the window, it looks promising!

We spent another day watching our dvr’d shows. Luckily we have plenty left over from our Amazon days! While we were catching up on that, I also spent some time doing some online research for my sister about soccer tournaments that my niece has coming up this spring. I don’t even remember how we found out about event details before the internet days.


Last night we headed off to the clubhouse for a fun evening of cards. I was the big winner of my group, for the huge jackpot of 7 dimes. As always, there was plenty of good-natured ribbing and laughter. Harry won a hand also so we almost broke even for the night. Most of the time we’re not very lucky so good thing we’re not playing high stakes!


  1. We were very glad what they were predicting didn't get that bad! We battened down the hatches just in case - and headed to Mom's! Even Callie! Better safe than sorry!

  2. Sounds like you had some fun luck last night!!
    I am sooooo glad those storms have passed and the sun is out!! I hope it's shining for you all as well.