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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Nice Day

I didn’t realize until recently how lucky we have been – that we have not had a summer of cool and/or rainy days like some people have. It has definitely been a real summer – hot days, some humidity, lots of sun – I am NOT complaining at all. Especially this year with being able to come outside and enjoy the air in Camp Driveway.

And today was another beauty! We took advantage of the great weather to get some outside stuff done.


First, though, we took a trip to Albany to the Goodwill store. Good-bye, leftover boxes!

And then Harry spent some time washing the truck and the fiver.



  He had to wear his wide brim hat today because he got way too much sun yesterday working at the sale to get rid of our stuff.






In the meantime, I was cleaning the garage!

Look, there really was a floor under there!!


  It seems so nice to have that yard sale behind us.

Our next order of business will be one that we just decided on today. We have decided to sell my car now as opposed to waiting until next spring. So this week we will take the car to get it detailed and then we will list it. It will make our driveway a lot less crowded, our insurance bill a little nicer, plus we won’t have the truck just sitting around for weeks at a time. Also, used car prices for Honda vehicles are up right now, so it is a good time to be selling.

Haha – maybe I’m just in the mood for getting rid of more stuff…let’s see…what can we get rid of next?


  1. Good idea! I was looking at the resale value of my Fit, and it looks pretty good. I don't think I'm quite there yet though. Since we'd only have the truck to get around in, I think I'll wait awhile :)

  2. purge away!!..good luck with the sale of the car!!

  3. Your surely are on a roll! Roll that car right out of the driveway and the roll of money into the bank.

  4. Good luck with the sale of your car. You guys are really on a roll!

  5. Hey Jessica and Harry - we will be at Hide-a-way campsites in Central Bridge NY from this Friday 8/5 until Friday morning 8/12. Anywhere near you? Leave message on our blog if so.