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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Day of Relaxation

Location yesterday: Savannah, GA (High 74, Low 59)

IMG_4178After our day of sightseeing on Tuesday, yesterday we just took it easy and relaxed at the campground.

We took a walk, and cooked some hamburgers on the BBQ for dinner.




It was an absolutely beautiful day, although by later afternoon we were keeping an eye on the weather for storms that were predicted.


We were lucky – for the most part we just got rain, and a few winds and gusts. Our area was under a tornado watch for a few hours, and I did keep the radar up on my computer so we were aware of what was going on around us.



By this morning, the skies were clear, and we were packed up and on the road by a little after 10 am.






We had an easy drive today, as we were only going about 100 miles.





We pulled in around 12:30, and spent the afternoon getting unpacked and settled. We are here for the month of February, and looking forward to seeing what there is to see around here.




All unpacked!!

Looking forward to enjoying some sunshine and nice weather. Smile


  1. So glad to hear that you didn't get those horrible storms. Enjoy that sunshine.

  2. A month at a time is a nice pace.

  3. If your near St. Marys GA, go there to take the boat over to Cumberland Island. It is well worth it. Have some picture on one of our blogs in Nov.
    Enjoy a month in one area. The time will go fast.

  4. That will be nice to be there for a month. Hope you post which campground you are staying in. Love the little table & benches that they provide :)