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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bike Ride and a Blowout

Location: Peru, NY (High 79, Low 55)

dominoesYesterday morning my brother and nephews left to head back home. We had a fun week exploring the area, and spending time together hanging out and playing a weeklong game of Mexican Train. It was the first time in several years that I have had the chance to spend any time with them, so that was great.


It was another perfect weather day, so after a relaxing morning, my mother and stepdad came over to the campground with their bikes and we headed off for a bike ride by Lake Champlain.



I am continuing to enjoy the results from a summer of running. Whether it’s hiking, walking, biking…I have been able to easily do them all, and I feel like I am in the best shape that I have been in a long time. It’s a great incentive to keep it up.




It was a beautiful day to be out on the lake and we enjoyed biking along and watching all the sailboats.




We stopped in the shade to enjoy a drink of water and a little snack.




IMG_1932It was a wonderful ride and just a nice relaxing day…well, at least for the first ten miles. Then all of a sudden my handlebars seemed to shake a bit…and before I could even stop, I saw my front wheel doing contortions and POP!!



Luckily we were only a couple miles from Peru at that point, and Harry and I walked while my mom and stepdad rode back to the campground for the car.

This is me pushing my ride. Sarcastic smile


We are taking the bikes over to a local bike shop this morning to have the wheels replaced. Harry’s are looking pretty worn also. Hopefully we should be back in biking business by later this week.


  1. Jim put some kind of solid tube in our bike tires after my flat. Works really good.

  2. Hi Jess have you and Harry found anything that you don't like in or about your Heartland? Any info wound been graceful.

    1. I'll have to give that some thought...but the short answer would be we love most everything about it. We are planning to upgrade to another Landmark when the time comes. I'll post again after we think about it a bit.

    2. We have been thinking about our rig today and don't really have any issues or complaints. But you might want to look at the heartland owners forum (http://www.heartlandowners.org/). We have found it very informative and developed a few great friendships from being part of the forum.

  3. too bad about the blow out! better on the bike than on the truck or trailer though!
    hope you are back cycling again before too long.

  4. I so envy your health commitment. I need to spend some time around you and maybe it will rub off.

    1. Thanks Phyllis :) It was harder to keep it up when I wasn't in shape, but now that I am feeling so good, it's so much more fun to get out and be active.

  5. Glad you didn't suffer any injuries from your bike blowout.

    1. Thanks! Me too. I realized something was happening so I was able to land on my feet when it blew!