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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amazon Update

Location: Peru, NY (High 85, Low 57)

I haven’t mentioned it lately, but things have been progressing smoothly with Amazon. Both Harry and I got our background check emails and completed those online in just a couple minutes. Basically it asked for our socials and our approval to conduct the background check. Then a couple days later we received the emails regarding the drug test. We were both pleasantly surprised to find that the location we needed to get to was only in the next town, at a clinic about 15 minutes away. We needed to print the authorization and bring it with us. The clinic wasn’t that busy so after a few minutes, we were called in and that was it. Very simple.

Yesterday there was a new development when we received an email asking us if we could start earlier. We weren’t able to move our date up too much but we could do one week. So we now have a new start date of 9/9. We will be leaving Catskill to head south on the 5th of September. It won’t be long now! Harry and I are both excited and ready to get going!


  1. Guess that means you passed all the tests. lol Travel safe.

  2. Several of our co-workers here at Crazy Horse are getting geared up for Amazon as well. One gal and her adult daughter are leaving here this weekend heading to Kentucky to start work. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.

  3. Looking forward to reading about your Amazon experience, we've talked about doing this in the future. Good luck and safe travels...

  4. Well that was a surprise!! Hope you all enjoy your work at Amazon...will be looking forward to reading all about what you do there and how it goes!! Travel safe!!