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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Week

Location: Catskill, NY (High 80, Low 63)



We are only one week short of having been here three months! I still can’t believe it – it seemed like it would be such a long time when we arrived and whoosh…it’s just about history.



The weather forecast for this week looks really nice. We should Harryicecreamhave a better week for outside activities and hanging out. The last time Schaun was here, we had to confine playground times to early morning or in the evening. We were having that hot, humid, unpleasant kind of weather. But it is long gone and since then, we have been enjoying absolutely perfect summertime days.

Denise and I had our last long run yesterday. 6 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes. We have three short runs left before our half marathon next Saturday in Lake George.

Things are moving along with Amazon. So far we are in the background check stage of the process. I have already received that email and we are waiting for Harry’s. It is really simple. The email contains an id and password. We just have to follow the link provided in the email, answer a couple questions, and click the approve button. Next will be the email about the drug testing. We are thinking we may get that one while we are up north in the next couple of weeks. It has been very helpful that there is a group on Facebook for people who are going to work at Amazon for the season. I have learned a lot from the questions that people have asked and the answers from those who are returning for a repeat season. Won’t be long now and we’ll be finding out firsthand – we have 39 days left before we head south.



I took this picture last night; the sky was so beautiful.

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  1. Time flies when you're having fun!! :-)
    Sounds like your running in on track and you guys are ready for the marathon...wishing you both a good run!!
    Love the evening sky in your last pic!!