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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Unexpected Excitement

Location: Catskill, NY (High 87, Low 63)

Well, not super exciting, but out of the ordinary. Winking smile Yesterday we were sitting in the living room just watching a little tv, and all of a sudden we heard a little pop! bang! from outside, and our power went off. IMG_2332We went outside and looked around, and there was smoke coming from the electric pole up by the road. You can see the piece hanging on the left side of the pole in the picture.

I’m not sure if there was any kind of power surge, but I was still happy we had the surge protector.



We called the campground owner, who called the power company, and they were pretty responsive, arriving at the campground maybe 30 minutes or so later.


It was kind of funny…the guy moseyed himself all the way up…took a look at it…and then came right back down again without doing anything.

“Yup, it really did burn up.”



Then they sat there and waited for about 15 minutes until another truck arrived with the guy in the orange shirt, who we assumed was a supervisor.



Then, original guy #1 went back up…and this time he actually stayed up there and replaced the burned up piece.




Back in business!




This is a laid back day…we are happy to have a down day from appointments. Tomorrow we will make up for it, as we will be running to Albany again for most of the day. We are getting all our ducks in a row, since we leave Catskill ONE WEEK from today!!


  1. Yes, thank goodness for our surge protectors! I'm sure mine has save my rig a few times.

  2. That piece on the pole is a fuse... A great big one... My guess is the second guy went down the line somewhere had pulled another fuse like that one so the power would be off... Then they replaced the burned up one... And I do agree that your surge protector is an absolute must... I just ordered another one for us as well....

  3. Jerry was steadfast in us getting a good surge protector. We ALWAYS use ours, even for an overnight stop.

    One week...yay :)!!! Safe travels.

  4. Oh yeah that surge protector has saved us a few times too. Glad ours is hard wired in. We are happy to leave Oregon in a few days. The rainy season has begun!

  5. Hooray for surge guards. I need to start thinking about packing our stuff for our move next week. Maybe I should make a list. Nah - I'll wing it. lol