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Friday, August 23, 2013

Counting Down

Location: Peru, NY (High 86, Low 68)

After our long hike on Wednesday, yesterday was a relaxing down day. We went over to Mom’s for the afternoon, and Harry washed the truck. For dinner we went to Plattsburgh to get our yearly fix of michigan hotdogs. Michigan hotdogs are kind of like chili dogs, except the meat sauce is very fine and they have a different kind of seasoning. They were a staple of my growing up years, but I have never seen them anywhere else in our travels. Now I have introduced Harry to them, and he loves them too. Smile

Time is really ticking down. Our departure date is two weeks from yesterday, and those weeks are going to go by quickly! We are here for the weekend yet, and then will pack up Monday morning to head back up to Catskill. We still have a few last appointments to finish up, and those are scheduled for next week.

Both Harry and I have hitch itch! We are ready to head for Kentucky!! Thirteen days ‘til departure day!!


  1. Woohoo! You have some fun days ahead of you! Anxious to see how Amazon goes for you guys.

  2. We will be in Kentucky late October. Visiting my cousin in Berea. Not sure if that is anywhere near where you will be working.

    1. I mapquested it and looks like about 1 hr 45 minutes. Maybe we can find a midway point to meet up. :)