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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fallish Kind of Day

Location: Peru, NY (High 68, Low 59)

IMG_6303Yesterday was definitely the type of day when you can feel the approach of a new season.

We woke up to an overcast, damp day with a cool wind blowing in the air.


IMG_6310We had originally planned to do a hike yesterday, but after watching the weather forecast, we decided to switch our plans with what we had scheduled for Thursday instead – a trip to VT to visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory.



My nephews are visiting this week and staying at my mother’s house in a nearby town, so we headed over there to pick them up.

We brought our jackets in case the ferry ride was cool and we were glad we did!



We took the Charlotte Essex Ferry which is a quick crossing of only about 15 minutes.

We were very glad that we had decided not to do the hike on this dreary day.




After a couple stops, we arrived at the Ben and Jerry factory early in the afternoon. By then, it was raining.




We enjoyed a quick little tour (cameras were prohibited for most of it) and arrived at the flavor room for our tasting. Milk and Cookies was the flavor of the day.




Of course, we had to visit the flavor graveyard.









It was a nice little tour. I probably wouldn’t advise anyone to go significantly out of their way to take it in, but as part of a bigger trip, it’s definitely a enjoyable way to spend an hour or two. We needed to stop at a store in VT while we were there so Harry could pick up a needed maintenance supply, so the factory tour was a nice addition to our day.



By the time we were heading home, the weather was clearing, so our return ferry ride was much more pleasant.


  1. Second post I've read this morning talking about Fall in the air. But definitely not here. We're having typical August weather - hot, hot, hot. 95 today. So that ice cream would sure taste good today.

  2. We took a ride down to Waterbury yesterday too, cabot cheese and cider were on our agenda. Rainy ride and saw some leaves changing too, way too early for that!! Hope the weather cooperates for a hike looks like a nice stretch on it's way

  3. My son, Austin and I have been there at least twice while vacationing in New Hampshire. George has been there too. Like you said, don't go out of your way to go there, but it is good to get their ice cream!