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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Amazon Update

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 76, Low 49)

At this moment I am sitting in my chair with my feet up feeling very happy that it is our Friday! Three days off coming up. Yay!

So, let’s see…where to begin…Well, we have just finished our first round of ten hour days. The first week we had five hour shifts. Then the second week we increased our days by 2.5 hours, and then this week, one more 2.5 hour increment to bring our day to the full shift. One thing I am SO grateful for is that I spent this summer doing training for the run in August, because my legs have held up great. This week I have been walking between 7.5 and 9.5 miles on my shifts each day – and I don’t have one of the walking jobs!

Both Harry and I have been cross-training in different areas. We both started out in receiving, checking in the products using the scanner, and placing them on carts for the stowers to put away. We did that for most of the first two weeks. This week we started to be sent to other positions. Harry spent part of a day doing the same job, only with books and dvds etc. I worked for part of a couple days on mis-ships, which is basically the same process except I have to sometimes add a little additional information. For the past couple of days, we have both worked on the receiving dock, which is where the product is unloaded from the trucks and pallets. I am finding this job to be much more physical, but I am holding up well for the most part. The main parts of my body which are sore are my hands and shoulders (for Harry it is his hands and lower back). This morning when I woke up, my shoulders had tightened up and my right hand was feeling numb. Luckily it was almost time to get up, so I went out and sat in my chair and my hand came back to normal after a little bit. I am definitely getting a massage!

The meal plan has worked out great. I have been very happy to come home and just pull a ready made meal out of the fridge. Our work days have settled into a routine…get up at 4, have our coffee and breakfast while we watch a little news…leave for work at 5:30…at 4:30 leave work and head home…take showers and eat dinner warmed up and then head to bed around 7:30 (and laying down in that bed sure feels wonderful).

Friday is our first payday. It is going to be just about half of our normal full, no overtime check. They announced today that there is no overtime available this week, and we are pretty glad because I don’t think we would have wanted it. But we do want to get some overtime money, so hopefully pretty soon our hands and other parts acclimate to the work we are doing.

Three weeks down, twelve to go!!


  1. have enjoyed reading your posts, gives us a look at what is in store for us. We are taking a motorcycle trip 10/5 to Elizabethtown and, if time permits, going to ride over to Campbellsville and check out the campground sometime Saturday afternoon.

    1. There are three of us here now, maybe by then there will be more. We won't be here when you stop by unfortunately, Saturday is one of our work days.

  2. I can't even imagine!! That's a LOT of walking. I guess the money is good and it must make it easier knowing there is an end date in sight. Good luck and do go get that massage.

  3. Was wondering how you guys were doing. Sounds like I expected..lots of sore muscles, and not a lot of social time :) Keep it up, it will go by fast!

  4. I am so impressed!!! I truly don't think I'm in good enough shape for that job!! Glad you all are holding up! :-)

  5. Working so hard will make you appreciate your time off this winter. My workamper jobs have not been so physically demanding, but I really enjoy my free time between jobs.

  6. Those kind of days sound familiar, but if you're going to work might as well get it done in the least amount of days. At least there is an end in sight and the coffers will be augmented. Being in shape helps so much on the long work days, glad things are going well.