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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Drive Around Port Aransas

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 44, Low 32)


Yesterday was another one of those cold and windy days that we have become all too familiar with this winter. For the most part, we just stayed put in our nice cozy chairs. But later in the afternoon, we decided to take a little drive around town and get our bearings.



Our first stop was at a place that I discovered when I did some research online a few weeks ago.





One of the first things I do when we are heading to a new area is try to find a place to do our training runs, and I was happy to find a really good candidate – the Community Park in Port Aransas. It was way too cold yesterday to actually check out the trail, but we’ll be back!


My first impression of Port Aransas is that I am going to enjoy this area more than Galveston. It just feels smaller and more beachy to me.



- - - - Port Aransas







Galveston - - - -




Unfortunately the gray sky is pretty similar. But we do have some sunny days coming up if you can believe the forecast. Smile




We also found the beach. How would you like this boondocking spot?





We sat there for a few minutes and watched the ship go past.



After our little drive about town, we decided it was time to head back home. We are looking forward to exploring the area further when the weather improves.

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  1. oh my goodness would I LOOOOVE to camp out on the beach like that!!!