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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Nice Day to Get Out and About

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 61, Low 53)

beachrunFinally, after three cold, windy, rainy days, today we had a nice sunny day to emerge from our fiver and take in some fresh air. We started out by going over to the beach for our morning run.



I found running on the beach to be a little challenging. Although the sand is pretty well packed down, it’s still very different from running on pavement. I would like to try it again when there isn’t a cold north wind blowing in our faces so we can see what kind of a difference that makes.

IMG_1596After coming back from our run and showering, we headed out to take a drive to Aransas Pass. This was our first time taking the ferry between Port Aransas and Aransas Pass. The ferries are relatively small, but there are so many of them there is very little wait.



Both going and coming we were right in the front of our row, which was very cool.













The ferry ride was maybe ten minutes, tops. I kept my eyes peeled for dolphins, but didn’t see any.



Then it was just a short drive of about seven miles to Aransas Pass.





Our first destination was a restaurant called the Butter Churn. Yum. They had a great (and reasonably priced) lunch buffet that we really enjoyed. Fried chicken, all kinds of salad fixings, mashed potatoes with gravy, mac n cheese, and a huge variety of veggies, just to mention some of the items we enjoyed. And cherry cobbler for dessert. Smile


IMG_1617Once sufficiently fortified, we headed to the Walmart to do some grocery shopping. We didn’t realize when we made plans to come here for the month of March that this area is a big destination spot for spring break. It’s even on the town calendar, and it’s next week.



We’ve been told that the week will be crazy, with traffic galore and everything packed. So we stocked up on enough food today so that we can pretty much stay put next week.



The really great thing about this place is the convenient access to the beach and our wonderful outside living area, which we are able to enjoy without having to even drive anywhere. So we are just hoping for a week of great weather where we will be able to relax outside and enjoy.


  1. Thats what it is all about! Relaxing without having to go anywhere.

  2. Walking in the sand carrying your sandals and a smile on your face - that about says it all!

  3. I would imagine it would be tough to run in the sand unless right by the water where it's nice and packed. Wind doesn't help! Glad the weather is starting to get better down there :-)

  4. The ferry lines will be long during spring break. There is a Walmart and lots of shopping in Corpus Christi. With the beach so close to your site, you should be able to just relax and enjoy the time away from the crowds during spring break.

  5. If you're looking for a great grocery store head to Corpus Christi to HEB, the best we've found all winter. Glad you the nice weather found you, hope it lasts. Like the new header picture :)

  6. Uh, that ferry ride is going to be a lot different in the next couple of weeks.. Getting off the outer boundary island will take increasingly longer and you will learn they have a long circular drive to the north of the landing where you will wait, and wait..... We once drove all the way around thru Corpus because of the ferry being backed up so long... Hope your experiences are different...