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Monday, March 24, 2014

Checking In

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 68, Low 58)

IMG_1725We are down to our last week here at Gulf Waters. Over the past few days I started reviewing the route that we plan to take home. We are planning to head up through Texas past Dallas and then up into Arkansas, which will be our last new IMG_1724state for this trip. We’re not going to be traveling every day, but we’re not spending a lot of time on the trip either. Somewhere in the middle. We plan to take roughly two weeks to travel from here to our home base in Catskill. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a nice stretch of clear skies for the trip.

IMG_1721I have been watching the weather in Catskill as well, and it is heading in the right direction. By mid-week, the temps will be climbing into the 50s, and I am rooting for 60s to be in place by the time we get there next month!  Smile Whether or not it is warmer by then though, I am excited to get home and am happy to put up with some cooler weather in the process.

IMG_1732Today we went over to Aransas Pass to do a little grocery shopping and stop out for a bite to eat. There were several dolphins frolicking out in the water when we were sitting on the ferry, and I even managed to get a faraway picture of one (see above picture).




Unfortunately it was another dreary day, and cool, (only 55 degrees today) so we weren’t able to eat in the outside area next to the water.





There were a number of pelicans on the dock, and I enjoyed watching them diving into the water to catch a fish for their dinner.



We are expecting a return of the sunshine later this week, and it will be nice to see some more of that blue sky. Smile


  1. It's quite cool here today too. Almost jeans weather :) Hopefully NY won't get any late spring storms. I remember it snowing 2' the week before Easter one April, and it was all melted in two days.

  2. Have you ever checked out the weather channel's TOR:CON page. It rates pending storm areas/tornado areas from 0 to 8 and list the names of cities. I always check out this site when traveling through the Midwest. I had to change my route a few times, but it was worth it to avoid the bad weather.

    1. No I never heard of it! Thanks, I'll check it out!!

  3. Will be interested to see the trek you take as when we leave next year we will be heading straight to VT too but taking about a month. Safe travels, hope the weather cooperates with your travel plans, enjoy your last days on the Gulf.