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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Travel Day to Port Aransas

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 71, Low 39)

IMG_1409We started out this morning in San Antonio with a warm but cloudy morning. We were happy that it was mostly dry though. We had a few raindrops falling as we were hitching up and drove through some minor showers for maybe the first hour of our trip. Not too bad.



Today was the first time that we got a chance to see some oil drilling setups in the fields as we drove past, and we also saw several rigs at their post as gate guarders. Very cool.



We had a really easy trip south from San Antonio, straight down I-37 to Corpus Christi. Traffic was pretty minor. The most we hit was going by Corpus Christ on Padre Island Drive.




It was just a little after 1 pm when we were pulling into the camp- ground and after registering in the office, we were escorted to our site.




This is easily the nicest site we have ever had. We have a great area for the grill, a huge lounging area, and a stone table overlooking the lake.




With all the mature foliage, it is very private. Some of the sites don’t have as much greenery between the sites, so we lucked out with this one.




I hope we get some nice weather this month so we have lots of opportunities to use this outside area. Smile



I already have tons of pictures of the campground and the boardwalk to the ocean but there are probably enough pictures in this one post…so more to come tomorrow!!


  1. Always love it when the weather cooperates on travel days. That campground really does look wonderful.

  2. Looks like a really nice site. A crazy cold front came through TX again today but if you are there for a month you should get some nice weather.

  3. Lovely park! I see some nice days sitting outside for you two. Hope the weather continues to improve!

  4. Wow, I like the looks of that park! Care to share the name? Who knows . . . we might actually get back down that way one of these days. :)

  5. Hope the weather cooperates while your there, glad you like GW. We can't wait to get back there next winter. We hear it gets real crazy during spring break week and traffic is terrible so most folks don't plan to go anywhere that week.

  6. Jessica, we just missed you guys at Gulf Waters; we had to leave before we had a chance to introduce ourselves. Maybe next time!

    Mike and Sandy