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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soaking Up the Sun

Location: San Antonio, TX (High 86, Low 67)



It’s been just a great week here in San Antonio. The weather hasn’t been warm every single day, but at least we’ve had several warm and sunny days.






We’ve gone running or walking on the nearby trail every day but Wednesday, which was a very cold and rainy day.



We also went on a bus tour of the city. It was extremely affordable, in fact it was free! You may remember back in New Orleans when we went on the bus tour and had the long wait for the bus.IMG_1358


I sent an email to the manager of the New Orleans office, and she not only refunded our money, but also mailed two tickets to us so that we could take their tour in another city! IMG_1372



We enjoyed the tour and it was a much warmer day to be riding around in an open air bus than we had in New Orleans.





We also had a good time on the boat tour of the Riverwalk area.






We found the public bus to be an easy and affordable way to travel downtown.



This morning after we did our last run for the week, we headed downtown one last time to enjoy lunch on the Riverwalk. We had a bit of a wait as there were tons of people everywhere.




It was worth the wait though, as we had a table by the river with a great view to enjoy along with our meal.




We’ve had a great week, and really enjoyed our time in San Antonio. We have tried to soak up as much sunshine as possible, since tomorrow we are heading back to the Texas coast….Gulf Waters RV Resort in Port Aransas, TX.


  1. It goes to show you it's good to complain once in awhile! Good for you :-) I hope you guys have better weather in Port Aransas.

  2. Nice you got to eat on the Riverwalk always fun to do. Hope you enjoy Gulf Waters, great folks there.