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Thursday, March 20, 2014

This ‘n’ That

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 70, Low 60)



We really have had a low-key, quiet almost three weeks in Port Aransas, and we have been loving it.





Spring break ended up being mostly a non-issue. We went in to town one day during the week and it was a little busy, people all over and police directing traffic at the beach access roads.


But the beach itself, especially down toward beach4where we are staying, was pretty quiet all throughout the week. There were stories on the evening news about the effect of the cooler weather on spring break. It sounds like the restaurants and other local businesses were really noticing the lower numbers of people this year.


On Monday morning Harry and I went over on the ferry to Aransas Pass to meet some Heartland owners (AKA Heartland Winter Texans) for breakfast. We both had great meals and enjoyed hanging out chatting for a while.



Then we got our grocery shopping done before taking the ferry back to Port Aransas. I saw a dolphin swimming out in the ocean as we were crossing a bridge. That was very cool. Too far away for pictures unfortunately.



Even though we really haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, we have so enjoyed our time here so far. Even the days that have been cloudy have been warm, which has been a welcome change from the weather we’ve had for much of the winter. We’ve been just enjoying being able to be outside – going for daily runs and walks, and grilling dinner outside more often than not.


chairviewWe only have 12 days left before we leave here and start the trip back to NY. I am getting excited to head for the mountains of home and to see family and friends, and so I both want the days to go by quickly and don’t want them to – at the same time. Smile


  1. Amazing how fast a month can go by. We're hoping for that, one month from tomorrow we leave Florida. Funny how that is..we look so forward to being somewhere, and so forward to being somewhere else!

  2. Island time, hope the weather gets better before we all head north, we're staying as far south as we can. Hoping to pull into VT 4/26 after a week+ stretch in OH. Heard the weather was affecting the spring breakers, nice for some but the businesses that depend on it not so much.