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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Wonderfully Relaxing Day

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 66, Low 58)


Today was pretty much a perfect day. Didn’t do too much, but it was a great day.

We started out by sleeping in until almost 8 o’clock. After breakfast and a look at the morning news, we went out for our run. There was no wind, and the temps were in the low 60s.


We decided to stick with the campground roads for our run today, since we had found the beach picturesque but a bit difficult to run on. Much better. Then we came back to enjoy the sunshine and the view from our site.



It was finally warm today, and we loved it! Shorts days have been few and far between this winter.





Harry cooked chicken on the grill, with some veggies that I chopped up and wrapped in foil. Yum.





Later on we went for a walk on the beach. This heron let me get pretty close and posed for some pictures.



IMG_1668Our part of the beach was still pretty quiet. But as we walked along, we came upon a part of the beach where the beginning of spring break was pretty evident, with lots of cars, trucks, and other types of beachgoers hanging out. There was loud music blaring out of various vehicles as we passed them.

IMG_1656Neither Harry nor I are boondockers and we don’t mind being around people, but still, I couldn’t help reflecting on the difference between the sound of ocean waters and bird calls vs. rock music/country music/revving vehicles and tons of people screaming and yelling. It was pretty striking.



We were happy to get back to the peace and quiet of our beautiful spot. Smile


  1. I'm amazed at the places in this country where vehicles are still allowed on the beaches. You'd think in this day and age that would be prohibited. Seems it ruins the ecology of the area :) Great picture of the heron!

  2. So glad you're getting some nice weather, hope that means it's headed up the coast to AL. It surprised me that so many would take their rig out on the beach, I know what the salt did my bike can only imagine what it'll do to the rigs.