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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hangin’ and Plannin’

Location: Port Aransas, TX (High 63, Low 57)

Since my last blog post, it’s been another few days of more of the same, weather wise. Saturday and Sunday especially were pretty cold, windy and rainy. We barely stepped out of the rig. It was just too raw even to get out for a walk.

I did a little comfort food cooking…made some macaroni & cheese and a pot of spaghetti sauce. We spent some time watching some of our dvr’d programs, and I managed to find another new one that I like – Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.


Yesterday I was very excited when my new Garmin GPS watch arrived in the mail! I’ve been going by Harry’s since last summer, and driving him crazy asking him all the time what our distance is on our runs.

Our training is going well. Today we did our first five mile run. I feel like I’m getting pretty close to where I was last August when I did the half marathon. I’ve lost about 8 pounds since the IMG_1671beginning of January, for a total of 31 since October 2012. Nineteen more pounds to go!

This picture cracked me up. Harry was doing some leg stretches and I guess Ariel thought it looked like a good idea, because she got right down on the floor and started stretching away. haha

In terms of planning, believe it or not, we now have most of next winter all planned. Of course, we’re going to be in Campbellsville, KY until around the end of December. For the month of January, we have reserved a spot in Grassy Key RV Park in Marathon, FL. We love the Keys and are really looking forward to this stay next year. We haven’t been there since June 1st, 2009 when we were married in Key West on the first stop of a Caribbean cruise. For February and March, we called this week, and have reserved a spot in Avon Park, FL at Adelaide Shores RV Resort. We’ve read about this rv park many times in Dee and Jim’s blog Tumbleweed, and are really excited about this stay as well. Not only will we be in the same park, but we’re going to be neighbors! Smile



And getting back to the present time…we have three weeks left here in Port Aransas, and we are hoping that the weather is finally making a turn toward some nice spring weather. We are very ready.


  1. Hi there.... I pop in on your blog from time to time and this time Im noticing your header picture. My heart is to do a year of travel in an RV with our kids before our oldest has to start school. My question for you is, "Have you ever had a site where there were lots of kids around and what were your feelings about it?" We are not a "quiet" bunch (3 kids under the age of 4) can absolutely be noisy at times. What would your advice be for a family with kids who want to do some traveling? Would you advise a certain type of Camp ground or RV site? Do they have special places for "families"? Just wondering what your thoughts on it would be.

    you're living my dream

    1. I personally don't mind being in campgrounds with kids. I think people who really feel that way probably gravitate to the 55+ parks. Being spring break here, there are actually a lot of people here with families.

      I haven't read a lot about the subject, but I know that there are a lot of families who fulltime with children. If you google "rving with families" it will bring up several sites that are all about fulltiming with kids, like fulltimefamilies.com and familiesontheroad.com.

      I would say, if you can, go for it! It's amazing when you are able to live your dream. :)

    2. thank you for replying... I will look into those sites.

  2. Fun making future plans! Adelaide is a nice park, judging from our visit down there with Jim & Dee. They have so many activities to join in.

  3. Judy and I wintered at Adelaide Shores for the past two winters, I am sure you both will enjoy it. Lots of great people there and plenty of things to do. We look forward to our next stay there after our westward travels in a couple of years.

  4. I guess we'll be neighbors in the Keys. We intend to be a little south in Cudjoe Key next winter.