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Friday, November 25, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving

IMG_1142I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was very nice. It started out with sleeping a little later than usual. That was only a little after 7 am, but still, compared to our normal 5:30, it was a great start to the day!

Of course, the little guy was going strong, so on top of conversation, we also had “playtime” breaks.


It was great to be able to relax, and sit around just chatting and spending time with family.





Schaun provided the entertainment.

As usual, there was a lot of good food, and we all ate a bit too much.




All too soon, it was time to think about heading home. Unfortunately, both of us have to go to work today. No black Friday shopping excursions for us.



It was just starting to get dark as we were getting on the road for home, but you can still see what a beautiful day we had!

And for much of our trip home, we were able to watch an all-natural light show.


It was just an all-around great day!


  1. glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!..just think of the money you save by not going shopping!!

  2. What a nice day you guys had! Nice to be with family :)