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Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Downsizing

After I got out of work today, the main project on my agenda was to sort through our Christmas decorations. We had already started our planning in this area – we purchased a small tree that we will use in the fiver, and my sister is going to take our Christmas tree and my village. But I still wanted to sort through the rest, and break it down into what we wanted to keep, and what could go. Harry’s daughter is coming next weekend, and this way she can look through everything else and take what she wants.

So…this was before…


All of those boxes held our holiday decorations, except for the plastic tub in front of Harry. He had his own container to sort through – with all of the various computer hardware, cords etc. that have been hanging around since we started cleaning out the office.

And this is after – I have condensed our seasonal stuff down into these three containers, and the bottom one isn’t even full.


We are going to take a quick trip over to my sister’s place tomorrow – to take her the tree and village.

I am happy that we have another pile of boxes sorted through!! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Good for you! That was one of the hardest for me. The girls took a lot of stuff. I reduced ours to a single rubbermaid container. Go me!! Oh, an a small tree. :)

  2. I love seeing RV's all decorated for christmas!
    Little trees in there, maybe even battery operated tree lights (is there such a thing?)

    Great work on downsizing, it sure is alot of work!


  3. Hey guys, you are going to be down to nothing in a moment. At least that was taken out of George and Laurie's hands with the flood. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    Leanne ( Laurie's Mom)

  4. In our downsizing process, getting rid of the Christmas stuff was the best feeling. That and the china.

  5. We actually have the full box of all our ornaments (a 3' rubbermaid!) that I have to look through.It actually floated :) I want to find a small tabletop tree this season for the Montana. The ornaments will get looked at. Some sentimental ones will be sent out to the boys.

  6. Good job. The downsizing is always a challenge. I had so much Christmas stuff it was amazing. I got it down to two small boxes. I like Christmas so much it may be a challenge for me to keep it that way.