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Sunday, November 27, 2011

And One More!

IMG_1101What a beautiful weekend! This is a picture I took a few weeks ago, but this is what our day looked like today. (There just aren’t any more leaves on the trees.)

Harry and I actually walked this afternoon in sweatshirts, and I warmed up enough to take mine off for our last two laps. I think our high this afternoon was in the low 60s. All around the neighborhood, people were out decorating their houses and working around their yards. Everyone was remarking on the weather, and saying, “we’ll take a few more weeks of this.” Well, I don’t know if that will happen, but I certainly won’t be complaining about it if it does!

We had another great weekend for getting things accomplished around here. Yesterday we did some more cleaning out, some more pitching. Harry’s sister and brother-in-law stopped by, and we gave them a tour of the fiver. I meant to take pictures, but in the busy-ness of chatting and catching up, I forgot!


I love Sundays, especially when football is on! While we were watching some football, Harry and I enjoyed a nice little afternoon snack, some cream cheese and red pepper jelly on crackers.

While I was listening to the football game, I was working on Christmas cards!! We only send about 40 of them, but still, I am usually sending them out around, oh…the third week of December. I usually consider it a great year if I get them out before Christmas. This year they will be going out – tomorrow! Yes, they are DONE!

IMG_1184Now I am done for the day, and ready to relax with my kindle. Supper is cooking in the roaster oven. It’s time to hang out and enjoy the rest of the day.


  1. I agree....relax and enjoy the rest of your day!! Well earned!!

  2. I was telling George on the drive home today that I need to get working on our Christmas letter soon. It's going to be a novel this year!!

    I'm not looking forward to the cold weather coming. It sure doesn't feel like pre-Christmas temps now!

  3. Sounds like a great day. ONLY 40 Christmas cards??? That's a lotta writing. Good job on getting them done. Maybe I'll dig out the ones I started on last year and never got sent...

  4. forty cards?..woohoo!..I only did 15 and two packages and that was enough!!..hope the good weather holds out for you guys!!

  5. I write out lots of cards but only a handful go in the mail. We have a card box at church and that is where most of them are deposited.

    Isn't if fun showing off the RV to friends and family?

  6. Watching football and eating snacks - that's my kind of Sunday!

  7. I love the red pepper jelly over cream cheese.... YUM! Glad all is going well for you!
    Have fun