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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Travel Day

IMAG0098 (2)Today we had another early start, but it was nice not to be heading to work. We packed our suitcase this morning, with Ariel hanging around and climbing into the bag when our backs were turned. IMAG0097 (2)

Hopefully one night away won’t be so traumatic. In October when we went on vacation, she was attached to me for about 2 weeks after we got home.

After we got ourselves organized and the car packed, we headed off to Albany to pick up a couple pies at Grandma’s.

IMG_1132Grandma’s is a well-known local restaurant in the area, serving home-style food and all kinds of yummy pies for dessert. But a few times a year, around the holidays, they shut down the restaurant entirely and just turn into a yummy pie factory. IMG_1129



No, that’s not a traffic stop up ahead. That’s a police car preparing to assist the traffic coming in and out of Grandma’s all day.



I took this picture quickly as I was standing in line waiting to pay for my pies. Sorry, it’s a little out of focus.


They are very organized, and we were in and out very quickly.



Then we headed off toward MA. It was a dreary day, but it could have been worse. We stopped behind this car on our way out of Albany.






We were also lucky that we were heading toward Boston, because the traffic in the other direction was much heavier.


We took Schaun to his first movie this afternoon. We didn’t stay for the entire movie, but it was fun for awhile. I think Schaun’s favorite part might have been the pretzel he shared with Papa beforehand.

IMAG0104 (2)

IMG_1138After our visit with Gretchen and Schaun, we are now relaxing in our hotel room for the evening. Ahhh!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Hope you have a great time!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And it dawned on me that you have never talked about taking the cats with you in the 5ver. Do they plan on going all over the country touring when you retire? Do they travel well? Some cats just don't like the car much.......Rod