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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off to the Repair Shop

Today was the day. IMG_1088It has been about a week and a half since a tree branch collapsed during an early snow storm and hit the top of the fiver. So today was when we took a trip over to the repair place to leave the trailer to be looked at and repaired.



Both Harry and I thought that today seemed like the easiest hitching up process we have done yet. Everything went very smoothly, and it only took us about a half hour to get everything together and head off down the road.




Schaun was really great, and hung out in his car seat “reading” his books while we were busy hitching up the trailer.




It was another beautiful day for traveling. I feel like a broken record, but I really like the song that’s playing! LOL




The repair shop was even closer than we were thinking it was – we were heading down the road at ten of ten and by quarter after ten, we were turning into the driveway.


We dropped off the fiver, and stopped into the office to check in. We explained where the damage was, and were told that they would check it out either tomorrow, or maybe even this afternoon.




Here is our big empty driveway, BUT it won’t be empty for long!! Because, shortly after we arrived home, they called from Dedrick’s. They had already evaluated the damage from the tree branch.



They cleaned the areas, and found that some of the areas that appeared to be damaged were just rub marks from the tree branches. The owner recommended rather than using a repair kit, that Dicor self-leveling roof caulking be used, as it would blend in better than patches and would sufficiently repair the damage. So we gave them the go-ahead to do the repair, and a few hours later, we heard IMG_1101from them again – the repair was complete!

We may go back tomorrow to pick up the fiver – it depends on the weather. If it is nice enough that the guys can come and take down the tree in the morning, then we will drive over in the afternoon and pick ‘er up. We are first on the schedule as long as it’s not raining, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.


  1. When a tree does damage it has to go!

  2. G;ad your damage was minimal. Hopefully the caulking will do the trick! Looks like fine weather you are having right now.

  3. the weather looks fabulous!..enjoy the big driveway for now!..but is much better when it is full!!

  4. Good news on the rubber roof. Like with humans, it's always better when repairs don't involve cutting!! I'm sure the caulking will do the trick and last for years.

  5. I knew Schaun would love the ride :) Glad the roof repair wasn't a big deal. Let's keep this nice string of weather goin'!

  6. How good that no major damage was done and it became a quick fix.