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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Times Ahead

Harry and I are already looking forward to next year’s camping season. 006Driveway camping was nice this summer, but is no substitute for the real thing! Our plan is to have at least one “out of the driveway” camping trip every month of the season next year. We are thinking May will be our first chance for a trip away, but if it warms up in April, we could do something then as well.

014So far we have two specific trips planned – both of them connected to Heartland rallies. The first one is to the same campground in Lake George where we went a couple months ago. That is going to be our June trip.


015And a few days ago, we signed up for another rally, this one at Seashore Campsites in Cape May, NJ – next October. The rally is over the weekend, but we are actually going for a week. Because I work at a credit union, there is a rule that you have to take at least one week long vacation per year. I have worked at two financial institutions and they both had this rule, so I guess it’s a banking thing. Anyway, next October will be my week long vacation. All of our other outings will just be long weekends.

I am having fun coming up with places within two or three hours of us. We are trying to stick with campgrounds in the area since we don’t want to have a long trip when we are only getting away for a few days. It’s not going to take long to fill up the summer months with one camping trip in each. But I’m enjoying the process. Smile

Merikay asked in a comment recently about whether the mouse-free stuff was working. So far, we have no signs of critters in our fiver. So, between sealing up all the cracks, spraying the mouse free on the underside, and putting cotton balls with peppermint oil all over the place on the inside, it seems like so far we have succeeded in keeping any unwelcome visitors out! So far, so good!!


  1. nice to plan for 2012!!..now bring on winter so we can get it over with!!

  2. I agree with Sue and Doug, lets get this winter over with!

  3. As a retired CPA and an auditor, the reason for the week long vacation is to allow others to do your job. So if you had some activity going that wasn't on the up and up it would be discovered. You know us auditors, we always think the worst!! But I always hoped for the best!!


  4. Thanks for the info on the Mouse free. Please note how it is working from time to time, I may look into it for next year.