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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Times with Family

Today was another nice November day, warm with a high in the 60s. This can keep up as long as it wants as far as I’m concerned! Smile

IMG_4903My sister Denise and I headed out this morning to a local craft fair, while the “hubbies” stayed at our house with the kids. We found a few things, but I didn’t take any pictures for the blog, on the off chance that a recipient of said item might see their gift prematurely.



After a couple hours at the craft fair, we ordered a pizza at a local shop and headed home.

In the meantime, the kids were having a good time at the playground at a nearby school.


It was nice to sit around, enjoying conversation and just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with some football playing on the tv in the background.





Hannah was enjoying a puzzle game that Harry and I bought recently so we would have something new at the house for the kids to play.





She did a great job!




I am actually almost done with all of my Christmas purchasing. Denise and I are getting together one more time in a couple weeks, and then I should be all finished. Well, except for wrapping gifts and writing Xmas cards…Thinking smile

In other news, Harry was reading a thread today about rv ovens and distributing the heat more evenly. One of the suggestions was to place either a pizza stone or unglazed quarry tile on the bottom of the oven. We were talking about it and realized that we had a pizza stone out in the garage that we never use. So out we went!


Yes it fits!






And, also we are finally heading down the home stretch in the office….the place where we have put all the miscellaneous junk we have moved out of all the rooms as we have IMG_1119worked on fixing them up. The blue box is shredding, and a couple of the other boxes contain stuff that is going, and we KNOW where it’s going. A couple of the plastic containers are going with us as storage.

We are almost done in here!!!


  1. Going to have to try that pizza stone trick.

    I don't like shopping at all but somewhat enjoy local craft shows. How cool is it that you have most of your shopping done. Good for you.