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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And More Planning!

IMG_1044It’s been a busy few days. We had our little guy at the house until Sunday. His mom arrived on Saturday to spend the weekend as well. So it was very nice not to have to make the return trip back to MA. Yesterday it was back to work for another week…enough said about that.


The weather continues to be very pleasant for this time of year. Halfway through November now, and we are only on our sixth bag of pellets for the season. This is the best start for the heating season that we have had since I have been in this house (which is for the past four years).

Now that our company is gone and our relaxing weekend is over, I hope to get back to THE LIST, starting tomorrow! The time before the end of the year has decreased to only about six weeks left. And we continue to plan fun get-aways for next year’s camping season, which means we have to get crackin’! The next major item is the remodel of the upstairs bathroom.

I read a very interesting blog this morning…entitled Talking vs. Doing. It really gave me some food for thought, and I considered the path that our journey has taken over the past couple of years. Two or three years ago, when Harry and I were making plans and starting our preps for hitting the road, it did seem like such a monumental undertaking, all of the house improvements that we wanted to do around here, and purchases that were yet to be made. But now, the house remodels are winding down, the rv and truck have been acquired, and many of the “start-up” items on our list have been purchased. The tasks ahead are starting to seem more do-able, and the finish line is even starting to appear off in the distance. Harry and I are both so glad that we didn’t let the initial apprehensions we felt deter us from taking the first steps.


  1. Or maybe I should call it the starting line!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that blog -- I read through the post that caught your eye and read through his blog a little. Very interesting!! :)

  3. It seems every step I take is a hard one. Sometimes I just want to walk away and go by myself. I could tent!

  4. It's so exciting when the light at the end is visible!

  5. so happy for the two of you that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!!..there is hope for all of us!!

  6. It is always nice to see the progress and time really does go quickly, soon you will be out on the road and all of these tasks will be behind you.