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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Great Day with Our Company

We were up pretty bright and early today for our trip to MA to pick up our little guy. IMG_1046

And it was another beautiful day for a drive.

The weather continues to be mild and pleasant. So far we are only on our fifth bag of pellets for the cold weather season.

IMG_1058We met Schaun and daddy at our usual meeting spot, and soon were on our way back home.

This is Schaun’s “oh no, Grammy has her camera out again” look.




We had a fun day. It was nice enough out this afternoon that Schaun was able to go out and play. And I had to do my grandmotherly duty and bake chocolate chip cookies. Papa and Schaun checked out all the books that haven’t been read since the last time we had “little” company in our house.

Tomorrow, we will be hitching up and bringing the fiver to the repair place. Our driveway is going to look so empty. Sad smile


  1. Enjoy your time with your grandson - he looks so cute there with his Grandpa.

  2. Schaun is just adorable!! You all have fun!
    Travel safely to your repair place. Yes, that driveway will look sadly empty....but not for long!!

  3. enjoy the time with your grandson!..they are only little for a short time!!