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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


After watching it tick down over the past few weeks, we were happy to see the countdown to our house going on the market hit under the 400 mark this morning. The next “milestone” of sorts will be the one year point, which we will hit in just one more month.

It’s been a pretty quiet week so far, just work and all that good stuff. We have more exciting bathroom work coming up tomorrow. Harry has taken the day off, and we are going to get started on the paint job. So pictures to come tomorrow!


  1. 399 days may be to the date that you plan on putting you home on the market,but have you thought of doing it before.

    Your probably thinking we'll wait to sell the house after we retire. Why wait? If you finish prepping the house for the market for late spring to early summer it's the best time to list a home.

    Where would you live if it sold? In your trailer of coarse. You wouldn't be the first to still be working and living in you trailer.

    When the day of retirement comes you'll be hooking up and hitting the road, not just listing your home.

    Think about it. Once your free of the sticks and bricks life is so much easier.

    It's about time.

  2. our counter is at 899..we are a bit behind..only by 500 or so!..but who's counting?

  3. So this morning it is 398..woohoo! Winter will go by fast (hasn't it already!?) then of course the spring & summer..it'll be there before you know it.