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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prep and One More Xmas Celebration

While I headed off to work this morning, Harry got busy with his list of what he wanted to accomplish. We have the plumber coming on Tuesday morning, so Harry wants to get the prep work done before his arrival. We figure that everything that Harry gets done ahead of time is that much less time the plumber will charge us for.


Here is the old flooring cut away down to the floor board. Before Tuesday morning, Harry is going to cut this next layer away so that the plumber can get right down to business. To the left of the picture you can see the new flooring with a strip of tape down the edge.

Before and after in the downstairs office closet…this is where the plumber will need to get to replace the hardware for the tub.










And, if that wasn’t enough, Harry also primed the wall in our bedroom….

Before and after…








Harry was one busy beaver today!!

When I got home, it was time to head to my sister’s for another Christmas celebration. (I planned that right huh? In love)  My mom and stepdad came up today, and we all got together for dinner.


Another beautiful day for traveling! The high was around 47 degrees, and still no snow!!


This is the view from my sister’s house….








We opened a few more gifts. Well, I should say, we HELD our gifts and Andrew unwrapped them for us. haha (He takes this duty very seriously. Winking smile)








After a delicious dinner and great conversation, it was time to wrap up a fun evening and head for home.

Two more days off to enjoy!

So long, 2011!!


  1. Happy New Year to you and Harry!!!..Cheers!!

  2. Good job, Harry!

    Happy New Year to you both!

  3. Great job Harry
    Wishing you both a year that brings good friends,good health, good luck, good things & safe travels!
    Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year to you and the cats.