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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sleepless in Northern NY

Well, not exactly sleepless, but awake at 1 am. So I decided to come have a cup of tea to soothe me back to dreamland, and do a little blogging about our day…

We started out on Skype, watching the little guy open a few of his presents. It sure is great to be able to be there from across the distance and share those kinds of moments.

After our Skype time, I had some time to do some more personal training time on the Wii. I am trying to get into the routine of making it a part of every day. Some of those Yoga moves are crazy – it’s been quite a while since I could move my body into those positions!! Be right back But I guess that just means I will be able to tell I’m making progress.

IMG_1254From there it was just a nice relaxing hang out kind of day. We cooked a big turkey dinner, but it didn’t seem hurried at all. We planned dinner for 2:30 in the afternoon so we had lots of time to do the cooking, while we watched A Christmas Carol (the one with George C. Scott – that’s my favorite).





You would have thought we had some company coming with all the food we laid out for the spread.




After dinner, we actually went outside to take a walk. The thermometer said something like 42 degrees, but the wind was cold. So we only went one lap around the development, which is a half mile.

IMG_4945And then it was more relaxing for the rest of the day. The cats got into the spirit of things.

Hope everyone out in Blogville also had a great holiday!



Well, I’ve had my cup of tea, so without further ado, I believe I will return to this night’s regularly scheduled programming…Smile…good night all….


  1. sleep well Jessica!..sure sounds like you had a lovely day!!..I was up early this morning!!...630 on a sunday is kind of like sleeping in, in comparison to the weekday wake up time of 5 am!

  2. Looks ike a great Holiday, and a feast, we love Skype too, fortunately one of the Grands lives with us and the other wee one visits every weekend, Our grownup 18year old Granddaughter lives in New Jersey so thats where the computer comes in.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Those cats sure know how to spend a nice relaxing day at home, don't they? Glad you had a great Christmas, now on to the New Year! Thanks for sharing.