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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Day Off

It is so nice to be able to have a later start to the morning. On my usual Wednesday off, Harry still has to work. So we usually motivate and get ourselves going at our normal way too early time. In love However, Harry took today off as well, so we are enjoying our coffee and hanging out reading blogs and forums.

I had a comment last night in response to my short little entry about our countdown having entered a new phase. Open-mouthed smile Rick and Kathy Rousseau mentioned the possibility of putting our house on the market earlier and then living in the trailer until Harry was able to retire. We would really love to do that, it sure would cut our cost of living, and we did throw the idea around briefly. But we just don’t see any way that it would work. Right now we are lucky that we can keep our fiver in our driveway, and we had a 50 amp outlet installed in our garage, so we have power and water access. If we sold the house though, say later next year, we wouldn’t have anyplace to go in the fiver. Being so far north, parks around here start closing in early October. We don’t have any family in the Albany area who could offer us a place to park. And Harry can’t retire until early February. So there’s a period of about 4 and a half months left where we can’t see where we could land.

So this is our current plan…we intend to put the house on the market mid January 2013. (It won’t be long until we can say next January.) Harry will retire at the end of February 2013. If by some miracle, our house should sell quickly, we figure that our closing and Harry’s retirement would be probably around the same time. That would be the best case scenario, but only time will tell if that works out for us. Chances are we will have to settle in for a period of some months while we are waiting for the house to sell.  Once the weather warms up enough that we can de-winterize the fiver, we will move into the fiver out in the driveway so that our house will always be “show-ready.” I will work until the house sells. And then, off on the road we go!! So that’s the plan. Smile

Today’s plan…work on the bathroom. So I guess I better get moving!! Pictures to come later…


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Good luck and have fun today even if it is work.

  2. I now see why you have chosen such a late listing date. If you set it that the closing date and retirement date were the same, you could spend most of the colder months in a warmer climate.

    I writing this with a little experience. We had set a date to take our grandsons to Disney World plus much more. Since we didn't get the house listed until the beginning of May it took a month to sell. Being in Canada you still need a home base for pension and medical reasons so we rented an apartment.

    We moved July 15 2011 and were on our way with the boys on July 25. The house didn't close until August 16, almost 70 days after the sale. Buyers are sometimes willing to agree to long closing dates of 90 to 120 days.

    If you reconsider something like that, your retirement date might be your first day on the road. If you wait to list your home you could still be there for the following Christmas. That would not only eat away at your resourses,but something even more valuable, Your Time.

    Every minute you waste staying in you home is a minute of freedom you have wasted and will never get back. Who knows what a person's health will be like in the near to distant future.

    Good Luck and we wish you well.

    It's about time.