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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Been a Busy Week

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! This week has flown by.

It’s official – I read a news article that the Northeast has had its warmest November in 10 years. It’s been great for our pellet situation – our heat has not come on since Sunday morning! We used 6 bags of pellets for the month of November, for a grand total of 9 so far this winter. By this time last year, we had probably used three times that amount. So far so good – I really don’t want to buy more pellets next summer. Every year we have about a ton, ton and half left over and then we buy another ton. Next winter, I would like to be able to use up what we have, since hopefully we will be getting out of Dodge. So the weather this year so far is cooperating with my plan.

We emptied out three more boxes of clothes into the garbage bin last night for today’s garbage pick up. The boxes were labeled “off season - Harry” but given the styles, size, and condition of the clothes, I think their season came and went quite a few years ago. In love The goal is to have the storage area over the garage cleared out by spring.

This weekend we are going to start the prep work for the upstairs bathroom. I’m not sure that we will meet the goal of finishing it before the end of the year,  but hopefully we will get a good start on it anyway.


IMG_2799PS in answer to a comment Smile

Here are some of the many bags of clothes that have made their way from our house to the local clothing collection area over the past couple of years, and I’m sure there will be more over the coming months. Believe me, no place wants to take in what we threw out last night. Be right back


  1. I love this weather! We haven't used the propane heat except a few times, to get the chill off. The electric FP and space heater works just fine. Love it! We keep saying, hmmm, it's now December, with above average temps for the next two weeks...so that leaves maybe 2.5 months of cold/snow left!!

  2. Keep up the good work! You are preparing for the transition much better than we have. Wish we would have started over a year ago, like you!

  3. When cleaning out old clothes try dropping it off at charitiable donation centers. As long as it's not damaged moldy or musty smelling, it will be excepted.

    That's how we did it and not just clothing but furniture and appliances as well.

    It' about time.

  4. purge away!..slow but sure you will have only what you really need when the time comes!

  5. I went to the dump yesterday. It was a good feeling driving away from some of the bags that have been in the garage for months!