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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This and That

As you IMG_1197can see from the picture, it is a rainy, dreary day today. But, at least it’s not snowing. Living up here in the north country, believe it or not, many people like the winter cold and snows. So I am starting to encounter people at work who are saying, I’m sick of this weather. I want it to snow. In love Not me – I will take this warmer weather as long as we can get it.

The past week has been busy. Harry is still working to build up the walls in the bathroom, to prepare them for a coat of paint. He has been adding a new layer of spackle for the past couple of days.

Yesterday, a new item arrived which I am hoping will help us both stay a little more active over the coming winter months. We bought a Wii! We enjoyed several hours of friendly competition last night. We are still waiting for the second remote to come, when it will be easier to play some of the games. It doesn’t take up much space either, which will be convenient, as we can take it with us in the fiver.

And probably the most exciting recent event, this morning Harry and I met with a person from the state Retirement Office for a retirement planning session. Once an employee is within 18 months of their eligibility for retirement, they can schedule this meeting. Harry has now passed that magic date! Yay! He can submit his application for retirement when he is within 90 days, which is next December! So now we have some real figures for our budget planning which will be very helpful, and we know what the process entails. It was definitely worthwhile to attend the meeting – and I feel like we have taken one more step in the right direction.


  1. I sure don't want snow! But, we have had soooo much rain. Wish we could send some to Texas!

  2. We love our Wii..although we played it more when we lived in my house down in Hazleton. We did bring it into the RV, and we'll definitely use it on the road.

    Good for Harry on the retirement meeting! Woohoo :)

  3. We have a Wii but the grandkids play it more than we do. We got one of the Wii Fit balance boards and they say that is a great fitness tool...I wouldn't know LOL! Hope you have fun with yours.

  4. You are right it is another step toward the ultimate goal.

    Keep your chins up and keep on schedule.

    It's about time.

  5. ahhh the real countdown commences...

  6. It's a great feeling to know a retirement date is in your near future! Happy planning!