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Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Awesome Christmasy Weekend–Minus the White!

IMG_1246Yes, this is our view from our front window, and I love it!

So far this winter has been a welcome reprieve after last year’s.

This was December last year.


I know there are several months left to the season, but I am enjoying every single day without the white stuff while it lasts.

Other than the weather, it’s been a nice Christmas kind of weekend around here.

The first great thing about this weekend was that I had Saturday off! Two solid days off! What a nice treat! And yesterday was a great day, as we traveled over to my sister’s house for our holiday get-together.

The kids were excited about their gifts.








A couple hours later…the finished project…


We had no idea what a project it would be to put this marble mania thing together. Wow! But the end result was worth it.


We got a few very cool and useful gifts as well.


From this small package comes these pieces…









which turns into this great table!

Also we received an awning tie-down kit, and…

a cover for our hitch!







After we left my sister’s, we went in to Albany and saw the new Twilight movie, which was great fun. I enjoyed watching all the shoppers scurrying about doing their shopping, and knowing we had nothing else left to buy. That was an awesome feeling!

Today has already been productive as we have painted the second coat on the bathroom. And now I am settling in to watch the Giants game. Disappointed smile 

Edit: Ok, so let’s just say the Giants game was NOT the highlight of the weekend. Sad smile


  1. I like the looks of that little table...very handy. Glad you had a good time with family.

  2. looks like you got some great gifts for the next stage of your life!!!..glad the snow has not arrived as yet!!..enjoy the green grass while you can!!

  3. I like the looks of this Christmas, from your window, much better than last year.

    Great looking gifts!

    The Giants played like Midgets.