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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Although not as cold as last winter (so far), neither Harry nor I are enjoying the start of the colder weather which has gradually started to drift in over the past week. The high today was in the 30s, and tonight’s lows are supposed to be in the high teens. Both of us are looking at blogs with pictures of people hanging out in their shorts and t-shirts and Christmas decorations on palm trees, and dreaming of that day when we will be able to experience the same.

IMG_1203In the meantime, here we are working on the upstairs bathroom. That vanity will be going out tomorrow. The floor will be replaced, and the wall is going to be painted a soft bluish gray.

Today Harry was working on priming the areas before the first coat starts going on tomorrow.




We have also been enjoying our Wii this week. I am happy about the fact that it gives us something inside the house to do that gets us up off the couch. Plus, it’s fun! A win/win situation. Smile



More pictures to come of the bathroom tomorrow!


  1. Isn't a shame that we do all this just to move. We don't even get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.....BUT we do get to hit the road.

  2. We gotta get our Wii out now too. They are so much fun :) Bathroom is looking good so far!!