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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Coat Done

It’s been a busy day, but a great one at the same time. We finished the first coat on the bathroom.


I think it is going to look very nice. It’s a smoky gray with a little bit of blue tint. The new flooring is a little darker gray so I think it is going to look really nice with the white vanity and mirror.


When we weren’t working on the bathroom, we were running a few errands. IMG_1223What an absolutely beautiful day! It is 46 degrees here today! So far I am not minding the winter overly much. I just hope it keeps up!

Look! Grass!! By this time last year, we already had several inches of snow, and it never melted all winter.



So far, the fiver is lookin’ good. No evidence of critters! Harry keeps replenishing the peppermint oil on his cotton balls throughout interior of the fiver.




I thought the sky over the camper was pretty tonight.


  1. We've only had critters invade the fiver a couple of times. Back when we were in RI and a few weeks ago I saw traces. My cat is useless.

    Snow on the ground all winter? EEKS!

  2. I like that color combo..grey & white. That will look classy. So far no critters for us either. Maybe all the feral cats around are doing the job for us? :)

  3. glad to hear you have no new 'residents'!!

  4. Knock on wood, the Alfa has been mouse free for several weeks.