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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doing a Little Rearranging



A couple weeks ago, we decided to switch out our couch for a new chair for me, and today was the day that my chair was delivered.

I love it! It is so comfortable!!



Yesterday in preparation for the delivery, we switched around the furniture, and our living space looks so spacious now!




As you can see, we have made several changes. Our table is now moved over to the side where our couch used to be. As I have already mentioned, we don’t use the table for meals, so I now have a nice desk area if I want to use my computer.




We moved the cat tree over to the corner where the table used to be.






I think they approve of the change.





We are both very pleased with the results, and a coworker of Harry’s is going to take the couch, so we are happy that we don’t have to figure out how to get rid of it.



Have a great evening! Smile


  1. New chair looks so comfy you may not want to get out of it. And your fur kids definitely seem to approve of their new view. It always feels so good to make it "yours".

  2. That is some comffy looking chair. By the time you get on the road you are going to have everything just right.

  3. nice work on re-arranging the furniture!..glad the kitties and the two of you are happy with the new setup!

  4. I think that looks great! Much more comfortable than the couch, for sure. The cats are really at home now.