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Friday, May 18, 2012

Travel Prep

IMG_1978This has been a busy week, and I am happily watching the end of it nearing.

I don’t know that the fact that our first trip is just about here feels real to me yet – I have been counting down to this trip since last October when we came home from our trip to Williamsburg!

We fit in a little fun this week too. Our friend Rose came over for dinner and a fun evening. 



That is her “why are you taking my picture” smile. Flirt male


We watched the movie “The Vow”, which I had wanted to see when it was in the theater. Now I’m glad I didn’t, because the end was ok, but not what I was hoping to see! It was a good movie, but probably not one that I will want to see again.


Our vacation preparations seem so different now. I haven’t had to pack IMG_1981any clothes, haven’t had to make any lists, don’t need to think about grocery shopping when we get there. I kind of feel like I’m forgetting something!

I’ve started clearing off the shelves and packing things away for the move. Tonight after dinner, I will pick up everything that we won’t need in the morning. I still have to work tomorrow so we will be heading out around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


Our next blog will be from Hartwick Highlands Campground!


  1. I really liked The Vow, although I would have preferred a different ending too.

    1. Yeah, it just didn't have that satisfying "ahhh" feeling to me. :)

  2. So jealous that you are getting to go somewhere! Bet you will like looking at something out your window besides your front yard :) Anxious to hear about your experience.

    1. Yes I am just starting to get really excited! Just 24 hours away now. To see a different view outside will be so wonderful, and the other great thing will be to be able to open the awning and sit outside!! :)

  3. have a great weekend!!!..no internet for us for the next three days!..so do have fun!

  4. It's like I feel about finally getting ready to leave AZ. We've been here for so long with Jim's surgeries this year that the RV has put down roots. You are going to have such a great time - and if you've forgotten something, you can always find a store somewhere. Be safe and have fun.

  5. Looks like your going to have some great weather for you trip. Hope you packed your sunblock! After spending most of the week in the ER and Hospital with my daughter and her kidney stone. I think I will fore go the house work and dig into the gardens.
    Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and have a blast!