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Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Week

One week ago tonight was our first night here in the fiver. It’s been a good week. We’ve gotten used to our new routine and the reality of living out here while we’re still having to go to work and keep to a work schedule.

IMG_1920Today after I got home from work, I got back to sorting out stuff in the garage. Something new and different. Be right back 

Believe it or not, this afternoon we took another five bags of clothes and shoes to the drop off box. I can’t believe we have anything left! But we do. Upstairs in the bedroom, we have just our work clothes left. Here in the fiver, we have the clothes that we plan to keep. There is plenty of room for everything we need.

IMG_1918We also filled the trunk of the car with items for the good will store.

Some of the items they wouldn’t take, so I put them up on freecycle when I got home and have already had emails from people interested in them. I would expect by tomorrow afternoon, they will all be gone.


In the meantime, Harry was up washing the roof. I always get nervous when he is up there, so I make him wait until I am home to go up and do stuff.







I’m not sure that it helps to have me home, but I feel better!


It was a beautiful day, and it has turned into a beautiful evening. When I am going to sleep at night in the fiver, and my window is open, I can hear the crickets, birds and other assorted wildlife. I already feel closer to nature, and we’re still sitting in the driveway! Smile


  1. congrats on making it through the first week!!..good for you guys..soon the house will be but a distant memory!

  2. Harry, thanks for reminding me I need to wash the Cardinal's roof. Whew.

  3. There is just nothing quite like sleeping in your rig!! So glad you enjoyed your first week in the 5er....the first of many!!
    I agree with you...always need to be careful on the roof of any RV.

  4. Best that someone is home when Harry is on the roof. I worry when George gets up on ours too. Might slip!

  5. There is noting like sleeping in the rig with the windows open, smelling the fresh air and listening to the outside sounds. I am so glad you are enjoying living in your rig. On the road will be even better.

  6. I'm with you,if I'm not home Jim had better not be on the roof of the fiver. You're making some great progress in the purging. Have you found it has gotten easier as time goes along? That's what happened to me.