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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Impressions

IMG_1878This is our fourth day living in the fiver, and so far so good. I would say that Harry and I both agree that we don’t mind the smaller living space one bit.

If there is any downside that we’ve noticed, it has more to do with the current reality that we are living in our driveway, and of not having a sewer connection.

IMG_1834It hasn’t been a real big deal, just a little bit of an inconvenience to have to head into the house for those necessary things, like showers and bathroom facilities. Harry and I have called it our big outhouse. (You will probably laugh, but I actually have thought more than once over the past few days of my great great grandparents and beyond, who had to use the non heated variety of the same.) I do take care of washing dishes etc. inside the trailer, and then we bring the dishwater into the house to get rid of it.

That is really the only “negative” that we have found. We love everything else about our new home. Our bed is more comfortable than the one in the house. And we have found the smaller space easier to keep at a comfortable temperature than we could in the house. I grew up cooking on a gas stove, so that has been an easy adjustment for me. I haven’t tried the convection microwave yet, but I probably will. I have used the oven and it has worked great. I read about putting a pizza stone on the bottom to even out the heat, so we had already done that a while ago.


The cats have adjusted really well. So far their favorite perch for watching the “goings-on” outdoors is the table. Both Harry and I are more tray table people, so we really don’t use the table at all. I put a tablecloth over it, and the cats enjoy going up there and watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks doing their thing outside.

Living in the fiver just makes us more eager to hit the road, and we are so looking forward to our first outing for the year, which is coming up THIS month!! Two weeks from Saturday we head out for Hartwick Highlands Campground! We can’t wait!


  1. You gotta do what you gotta do!

    We do use our table. I have always been surprised at how many people do not, especially RVers. We eat our meals at the table with the TV OFF! That works for us.

    I am thinking of getting a table cover too. Just to cut down on some small scratches. We use fold dish towels as place mats. Easier to wash.

    Your cats have a great view there.

  2. Tray table people here also. I usually can't find the table cause it is covered with books and papers and who knows what else. When we camp in our sons driveway we use their facilities as much as possible because we don't have a sewer hook up there either.

  3. Ahh, so that answers our question :) Even though a hassle, it is keeping your house 'show ready'. We actually eat at our table every night too. We try to keep the TV off too. The trays that we have are stored in the sofa drawer, so we don't take them out much.

  4. sounds like the adjustment process is going well for everyone!!!..one day soon the house will sell and you can be on your way!!

  5. I don't use my table either...but then, it's not set up anymore ;-) I too use a tray. No sewer where I'm parked either, so I have to unhook every so many weeks & go dump. I use the shower in my friends house, but I still do my dishes & such out here.

  6. We full-time with 3 cats and they like the table, island, back of the couch, anywhere they can look outside. It is adjustment living in the smaller space but sounds like you are well on your way.

  7. No sewer connection is a hassle but it is doable. Glad you are having fun living in the fiver.