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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Making a Dent

IMG_1903Today was my day off, and I spent it doing more of the same…cleaning out the closet upstairs and sorting through what’s left in the kitchen for those items that we use pretty frequently.



IMG_1901We are down to 200 pounds left for the weight that we have allowed ourselves. So we are trying to think two or three times about items before we bring them in. I have also looked through our storage areas for what we have already brought in and removed some things.


IMG_1909Today is garbage day, so we have filled the recycling bin and garbage bins with another load from the garage. The pile is gone! We still have a lot of clutter, but when I look back at early pictures, I can really see the dent that we have put into all the STUFF in here.



Many of the things still in here will be given away, either to family members or through the freecycle website. It’s a long tedious process. Every week we fill another bin with as much as we can. It doesn’t seem like too much is fitting in each time, and it’s only after several weeks when I look back at pictures that I can see the progress we’re making.


We are going to feel so FREE when we are done in here!


  1. Pretty soon it will just be sitting and watching them come look at your house! Time is ticking away!

  2. I can certainly tell a difference through the pics you have posted over time!! You WILL be finished before you know it and it will all be a distant memory!
    We purged and then purged again after living in the MH for awhile!!

  3. One week we finished filling our neighbors bins. We are still getting rid of stuff. Sometimes I look at the stuff and wonder why we bought it or still have it. It will feel great to be free of all the STUFF.

  4. I have been full-timing for 6 months and am still getting rid of some of the stuff in the motorhome. Things I thought I may need someday. Luckily, some of the items are clothes because this lifestyle is helping me to loose weight.

  5. Harry is looking sooo relaxed! :)

  6. I am so excited for you. It feels great to actually move into your new home doesn't it? Before you know it you will be pulling out of the driveway for good.